RPostgres is an DBI-compliant interface to the postgres database. It’s a ground-up rewrite using C++ and Rcpp. Compared to RPostgreSQL, it: Has full support for parameterised queries via dbSendQuery (), and dbBind ().
pgadmin 3 and PostgreSQL 9.2 from EnterpriseDB and R were used to make this demonstration.
However, you need to install a specific backend engine (a tool for communication between R and a database management system) for the database (e.g., RMariaDB, RPostgres, RSQLite). In this workshop, we use SQLite because it is the easiest to get started with.
Arguments drv Should be set to Postgres() to use the RPostgres package. dbname Database name. If NULL, defaults to the user name. Note that this argument can only contain the database name, it will not be parsed as a connection string (in- ternally, expand_dbname is set to false in the call to PQconnectdbParams()). host, port Host and port.